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A home would have constant problems at the foundation level if gutters weren't in place. Gutters control all the rainwater flowing off the roof, moving it safely to nearby drains. Without gutters, puddles and erosion would take over the ground just below the roof's edge. With the help of a Silver Spring roofing professional, homeowners can learn about healthy gutter systems and their major characteristics.

The majority of gutters are in a horizontal position, lining the roof's eave around the home's perimeter. These assemblies are not level, however. There should be an obvious angle to their position. This angle creates the slope necessary to move water rapidly off the roof. Walking around the home and observing the gutters gives homeowners a good perspective of the system's proper installation position. Contractors can even send some water down the roof during an appointment to show homeowners the swift action down the gutters.

All gutters should be properly supported with brackets. These supports cradle the gutter every few feet, preventing any bowing from occurring down the lengths. When gutters bend, they allow puddles to form where water is essentially trapped. The bowing becomes worse because of the added water weight. Spike and ferrule attachment assemblies used to be the normal gutter supports, but they're slowly being replaced with basic underside brackets.

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A healthy gutter system doesn't have any crushed sections. Although they're made of strong metal, gutters are constantly being weathered by winds and even debris. Downspouts are often vulnerable to crushing issues because vehicles and other heavy objects may press against the home's walls accidentally. Homeowners can ask contractors to inspect the gutters for any structural issues at yearly preventive maintenance appointments.

For the best gutter maintenance, hire contractors twice a year to clean them. Preferably, call for appointments in the early spring and during autumn. Spring appointments clear the gutters of any winter debris while fall maintenance readies the system for winter's fury. Even when surrounding landscaping is pruned diligently, leaves, twigs and other items still fall into gutters. Homeowners can ask for gutter covers at their next appointment, however. These mesh covers only allow water into the gutters while blocking debris from clogging the system.

Don't hesitate to contact a professional if any gutter component appears unusual. Because homeowners are very familiar with their property, any changes to an area become obvious very quickly. Contractors can look at the gutter issue and devise a repair plan before any additional problems occur.

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