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Homeowners with a new construction on their hands have many options for roof design. While most homes are built with a gable style roof, hip roofs are becoming increasingly common. They provide a great deal of protection from the elements due to the nature of the design. Homeowners considering a hip roof should become informed about their strong points and shortcomings to see if it is a good choice for them. They should also consult with a Silver Spring roofing expert to see if a hip roof is a viable option for their home.

Hip roofs are very similar in design to standard gabled roofs. They both consist of rafters and trusses that are pitched to provide water drainage. However, the difference is in how many sides the roof has. While gable roofs only have two pitched sides, hip roofs have four. Usually, two sides are shaped like a trapezoid while the others have a triangular shape. There are no vertical walls. This maximizes drainage throughout the entire surface of the roof.

Water drainage is the biggest advantage of hip roofs. The sloping of all four sides prevents water from pooling anywhere on the roof. This is especially useful for homes in climates that experience snowfall.

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The design promotes snow run off to avoid the chances of damage. Another advantage of hip roofs is their stability. Unlike gable roofs, hip roofs are capable of withstanding severe winds. They are less vulnerable to damage from winds due to their lower height and smaller surface area.

Like any other roof, hip roofs do have a few disadvantages. One of the first things homeowners will notice is that the price to construct a hip roof is considerably higher than other styles. This is because it requires more materials. The structural support of the roof is more complex, therefore requiring more building materials. It is also more difficult to build, making the cost of labor go up. Another disadvantage is the number of seams the roof has. Depending on the pitch of the roof, there's going to be at least 5 seams on the roof. This is considerably high compared to the 2 seams of gabled roofs. This makes the roof more vulnerable to water leaks. Homeowners will have to perform regular maintenance to avoid water damage.

Ultimately, hip roofs are a great choice for homeowners. Their strength and stability make them a feasible option for homes in any climate. Homeowners should consider the benefits a hip roof will bring to their home and any potential risks before choosing to incorporate one onto their new home.

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