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Cleaning and maintaining a gutter system is very important to the life expectancy of the roof. Clogged downspouts or valleys lead to ice and debris jams that can cause rainwater to back-up and leak into the home. It's important to keep these obstructions cleared out so water can flow freely from the roof system and down to the ground. Most of the Silver Spring Roofing solutions must be properly cleaned, repaired and maintained in order to function at their peak efficiency and to avoid premature failure.

Fortunately for the homeowner, annual gutter maintenance is a relatively easy process with just a few simple steps involved. The first and most important step is to clean and evaluate the system.

Gaining access to the roof or using a tall ladder is a necessity to ensure that the gutters and valleys are completely clear of all debris or obstructions. With gloves and eye-protection, make sure all straight runs of guttering are clean and any downspouts are clear of obstacles. The valleys should be open and allow water to freely shed from the roof and into the gutter system.

After all the gutters, downspouts and valleys have been cleaned, the homeowner should run water through the system. This will not only clear out any remaining debris, but it will also allow for a visual inspection.

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While running water through the system, it's important to look for any leaks or broken parts and repair them. Leaks can be stopped by applying a silicon sealant to the holes or cracks. Check the downspouts and ensure they are connected properly and all rivets are securely fastened. Finally, replace any broken mounting spikes so that the gutters work with minimal sagging.

Preventative maintenance can make the cleaning associated with a gutter system even easier. The best way to prevent debris build-up or obstructions is with a gutter guard. These protective add-ons can keep large items like leaves and limbs from falling into the gutter. However, most types of guards cannot keep seedling pods, evergreen needles and smaller items from getting into the system. They may also make it harder to clean the gutters when the time comes. It's important to evaluate the pros and cons before adding this type of preventative product to a gutter system.

Properly maintained gutters will ensure the longevity of the roof they're supposed to protect. Keeping them clean and free of obstructions should be a priority for every homeowner.

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