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Rain gutters are an essential component of homes located in places that receive plenty of rainfall. However, the gutters may become filled up with debris such as the granules from the surface of asphalt shingles, leaves and sticks from nearby trees, and particles of dirt. Over time, all of this litter accumulates to a point that the gutters and openings to the downspouts become clogged. In order to lessen the amount of debris filling the gutters, homeowners can select one of many types of guards. These systems can be put on by the homeowner or contracted out to Silver Spring roofing services. Homeowners should understand the differences between the types of gutter guards in order to make the best decisions for their needs.

Reverse curve covers are special guards created to fit on top of the gutters. The curvature of the covering allows water to drip into the gutter while leaves and other debris are directed to the ground by the force of gravity. These gutters must be installed by factory trained and licensed technicians.

Mesh gutter guards are typically installed by the property owner. This material consists of metal netting with openings, ranging from a few hundredths of an inch to a quarter of an inch. The smaller the opening, the less dirt and debris can enter the gutters.

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However, small openings also slow the flow of rainwater, which may cause some of the water to overflow and result in a waterfall of sorts at the edge of the roof during heavy rains. The gutters will still need to be cleaned occasionally, during which time the mesh must be removed. Heavy winds, snow or ice may damage the mesh guards.

Bottle brush guards are a newer type of material and have been previously used on ledges and statuary where the property owner does not want birds to land. These guards are made of nylon bristles that catch solid debris at the top. The homeowner will need to clean the debris out of the bristles.

Nylon guards are meant as a temporary gutter covering during the winter months. Homeowners can put these into place to prevent problems such as ice dams. They are easy to install and remove.

A newer and innovative product referred to as foam block guards can also be put into the gutters to block debris. The foam blocks still allow water to flow through the gutters but keep solids out. Sunlight, heat and heavy winds may damage or destroy the foam blocks.

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