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A roof is comprised of a number of systems that work together to protect the structure of the home and its inhabitants. It is the gutter's responsibility to remove water from the roof and divert it away from the home's exterior walls and foundation. However, gutters need to be properly maintained in order for them to continue working properly. A homeowner who seeks to provide basic maintenance themselves may cause damage to the roof. If the homeowner needs assistance with basic maintenance or repairs, a Rockville roofing contractor may be able to help.

The most important thing a homeowner can to maintain their gutters is to keep them clear of debris. During rainstorms or other inclement weather, leaves and other organic debris can become trapped in the gutters. As they decompose, the material compacts and can clog the drains, causing water to overflow. Not only can this cause corrosion to the gutters themselves, but pooling water could cause wood rot in the roof structure.

In order to clean out the gutters, the worker hired by the homeowner will need to use a ladder to access the openings.

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This is more easily done if the home is only one story tall; however, there is a significant fall risk for homes that are two or more stories tall. It is imperative that the ladder be placed on a sturdy base. If the top of the ladder must be placed against the gutter itself, the worker should protect the gutter against damage by placing a piece of wood inside. An expert roofer can accomplish this task safely and quickly.

Once the leaf litter has been removed using heavy work gloves and other safety equipment, the gutters must be blasted out with a hose. This will help remove any dirt or debris that has become compacted to the bottom of the gutters. The final step is to remove any obstructions that may be clogging the drain pipes. During the entire cleaning process, the worker should be on the lookout for signs of corruption, such as rust or split seams. Peeling paint and leaks may also be indications that the gutters may need repairs.

A homeowner should expect that their gutters will need to be cleaned and maintained twice a year, especially if the home is surrounded by trees. It must be stressed that gutter cleaning can be dangerous and should be performed by professional roofers who have proper training.

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