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Problems with a home's rain gutters are the number one reason for water damage in and around the roof. Fortunately, most gutter repairs are simple enough and do not require any specialty tools. Even home maintenance beginners can complete simple projects. If a homeowner discovers damage that is more extensive, or has a house with a tall roof that is difficult to access, then a Rockville roofing service can be called to promptly fix or replace damaged gutters.

The first common problem is a gutter clog. Any type of nearby tree sends their seeds, leaves and needles to land on the rooftop of a home. This debris can then get washed into the gutter system with each rainfall. Over a few months, this debris builds up, begins to break down into thick, mushy organic matter and causes a clog. Once the gutter is clogged, the next rainfall has nowhere to go but back up the roof and underneath the shingles, causing a water leak. Properties with plentiful trees should have their gutters cleaned every three months, while cleaning once or twice per year may be sufficient for homes that lack the presence of trees on the property.

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Another common concern with the gutter system is their potential for pulling away from the side of the house. The weight of debris can cause the gutters to sag, resulting in misalignment. An additional source of damage occurs when the fasteners or hangers fail due to rust or ultraviolet light exposure. The fasteners can be replaced with new, coated or stainless steel varieties and refastened to the side of the house or garage. If the gutters are bent or warped, a roofer may need to come in and correct the damage before the gutters can be reattached to the house.

Homeowners may also notice that water pools in the gutters, not going anywhere. The gutters must be hung at an angle so that they slope downward toward the downspouts at a rate of at least one quarter of an inch per every 10 feet of length of gutter. Homeowners can fix the pitch themselves using a measuring tape and laser pointer, or they can find a gutter repairs service to do this task for them. A related issue occurs when downspouts drain the water too close to the home's foundation. Installing a downspout extension is simple fix, and the materials can be obtained at a hardware store. This piece of plastic or rubber slips over the terminus of the downspout so that it can be aimed further away from the dwelling.

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