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A roof is the biggest structure between the sun and a home's interior, and this positioning creates many opportunities and pitfalls for energy efficiency. A common problem with roofing projects is the improper installation of skylights, and while window manufacturers design skylights to not fall from the ceiling, poorly installed fenestration can cause rain and air leaks as well as inadequate solar heat gain regulation. It's also a possibility that an untrained roofer could install a skylight that eventually comes loose and shatters on the floor below. When searching for a Rockville roofing contractor, it's important to discuss the company's employee training program as well as the options available for skylights.

Homeowners building a new home or planning a complete home renovation have the opportunity to choose the perfect size and placement of skylights to optimize lighting and energy efficiency. The U.S. Department of Energy recommends installing Energy Star approved skylights because these products have been independently rated by the Energy Star program of the Environmental Protection Agency. The Energy Star label contains information on the amount of sunlight and solar radiation that a window allows into the home as well as the amount of heat it allows to escape. The most energy efficient skylights must be chosen according to the local climate, the size of the room below and the number of windows in this room.

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In places where heating bills are typically higher than cooling bills, low emissivity skylights are a good choice because they allow in the most light and warmth while preventing heat from escaping. This can pose a problem in the summer, however, so window manufacturers offer special types of glazing that prevent heat from entering a home during the hot months. The Department of Energy also recommends choosing skylights that are no more than 5 percent of the floor area of the room below if it already has many windows or 15 percent of its area if it has few windows.

When completely remodeling a home, individuals also have the chance to position skylights in the most efficient way. South facing skylights provide the most solar heat gain throughout the day, so they reduce heating bills while increasing cooling bills. North facing skylights provide the most illumination without affecting the temperature. East and west facing skylights provide lighting and warmth at sunrise and sunset, respectively, but it's important to consider the glare from the sun at these times as well.

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