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No matter a homeowner's experience, assessing a roof's condition is a necessary, even vital decision. When reviewing damage, particularly after a storm or a harsh winter, homeowners must be able to ascertain when patching will suffice and when it's time for a new roof.

Most homeowners will be driven primarily by budget considerations. However, this is a situation where it pays to look at the big picture. A faulty roof can lead to extensive damage throughout the home, not just to the roof itself. Water leaks, animal and insect infestation, and loss of heat or cooling are some of the results that can come from a poor decision.

The first task of a homeowner who is considering reroofing is to find a reliable contractor. Just Googling, say, Germantown roofing is not enough. The homeowner should look at each contractor's credentials and the length of time they've been in business as well as ask for client testimonials. It takes a thorough understanding of roofing installation and maintenance to properly assess the state of a roof.

Once a contractor is found, there are several possible options for the homeowner to choose from. Small, contained areas of damage can be repaired, and shingles can be replaced. If the damage is confined to one side of a roof, a partial reroofing may be possible. This will repair the damage without incurring the cost of an entirely new roof.

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Partial reroofing, however, is substantially more expensive than patching an area, and these two options should be weighed carefully against each other. Also, while partial reroofing is certainly cheaper than fully reroofing a home, it can cost more per square foot than a complete reroofing. If the rest of the roof is older, it may be advisable to replace the entire roof, which will save the homeowner money in the long run.

If the roof is no longer sound enough to be repaired or partially reroofed, then it must be replaced. Homeowners may have the choice of either installing the new roof over the old one or removing the old one prior to installing the new. If the home already has two layers of roofing, then the latter is the only option, for the International Residential Code states that a new roof cannot be installed over two or more roof coverings. If, however, the home only has one roof, again consider immediate costs versus long-term savings. Removing the roof allows the contractor to inspect the sheathing underneath for rot and wear, and shingles are far stronger when fastened directly to the roof deck. Also, removing the roof allows for upgrades such as new membranes that can strengthen the new roof and create better insulation.

While a contractor will be able to provide home-specific advice, homeowners should not be so quick to cut corners when it comes to roofing care. Although a substantial investment, the more money that is put in upfront, the longer the roof will last, providing a dry, secure environment for decades to come.

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