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Germantown Roofing: Article About Advantages and Disadvantages Of Cedar Shingles

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By far, the most popular roofing materials are asphalt shingles. However, homeowners have a wide range of other options when it comes roofing materials for their home. One of these options is cedar shingles or cedar shakes. As with any roofing material, there are a number of different advantages and disadvantages that this material offers to homeowners. Those who may be interested in giving their home a unique look by installing cedar shingles may wish to consult a Germantown roofing contractor to determine whether this is the right material for them.

Cedar shingles are fashioned out of pieces of cedar wood. Cedar is an incredibly durable wood that, when properly maintained, can last up to 10 years longer than traditional asphalt roofing materials. This material is resistant to a number of environmental occurrences, including strong winds, hailstorms and heavy rains.

Additionally, cedar roofing materials are considered to be eco-friendly. Many companies that manufacture cedar shingles and shakes use renewable resources of cedar trees, often replacing the trees that are cut down to make the materials. Further, cedar wood has its own natural insulation from the elements, which could potentially reduce the cost of a homeowner's heating and cooling bills.

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One of the main reasons that some homeowners seek out cedar wood for their roofs is because of its unique appearance. Because they are made of natural materials, their honey or red coloring can make a home look more attractive. As the roof ages, that coloring may turn silver or gray, which may then make the home blend into the landscape.

One of the biggest drawbacks to these types of roofing materials is the maintenance. Cedar wood is susceptible to the growth of moss, mold and mildew. There are preservatives that can be used to prevent the growth, but routine inspections by expert roofers are a must to ensure that the integrity of the wood is maintained. Cedar shingles are also more expensive to purchase and install than more popular roofing materials, such as asphalt shingles.

Finally, wood shingles and shakes are not as fire-resistant as other roofing materials. They are also more susceptible to wood rot, insect filtration and general damage to the shingles and shakes. Because of this, homeowners are highly recommended to have a roofer inspect the roof each year.

For homeowners willing to pay the extra expense and take the time to properly maintain their roof, cedar wood is a great option. However, a roofing contractor should be consulted to determine whether the pre-existing roofing structure is right for this type of material.

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