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When choosing a type of roofing system for a home, the options depend on the slope of a roof. There are fewer roofing systems available for people who have flat or nearly flat roofs. One of the few systems available for these types of structures is a membrane roof. This is a roofing system made of modified bitumen, thermoplastic or synthetic rubber to prevent leaks and encourage water runoff. For this style of roof to be effective, it has to be installed correctly. This is why it's recommended that homeowners hire Germantown roofing professionals to ensure the job is done accurately.

There are many different ways to make a membrane roofing system, and homeowners usually leave the final decision to a roofing professional. Roofing contractors will normally choose the membrane roofing system for the job based on the needs of the client and the budget. The budget is a major factor because it must cover the cost of the roofing material, flashing, insulation, sealant and any other needed accessories.

One type of membrane roof is a built-up roof, or BUR. This type of membrane roofing is done by putting down layers of either organic or inorganic felt that have been saturated in coal tar or liquid asphalt. This is one of the cheapest options available for membrane roofing systems, and it protects buildings from outdoor elements for many years.

A modified bitumen membrane roof is essentially a different version of the BUR method.

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It requires the roofing professional to layer thick felts that are covered in liquid bitumen. This method tends to be easier for the roofing expert because the pieces of felt are usually bound together in a factory and shipped to the contractor in an easy-to-install roll. This type of membrane roofing material usually requires some kind of chemical modifier to help the liquid bitumen complete its job.

While it doesn't offer the best insulation, thermoplastic olefin, or TPO, is a type of plastic membrane roofing system. Using this method, roofs are created with multiple large plastic sheets. These sheets of plastic are typically welded together using hot air to form one large membrane sheet. Usually, this method only requires three layers of plastic to form a strong base. Sometimes TOP membranes are given a fabric polyester center called a scrim.

While asphalt roofing systems are often the preferred method to protect a flat-top building, they can often make it hard for professionals to create a proper seal at connection points. This can lead to leaks and even shorten the life span of the roof itself. Asphalt roofing systems can still be used on roofs with no slope, but it's best for the homeowner to hire a professional who has handled such a project in the past.

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