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Mold can grow nearly everywhere. It is able to grow on food, in the bathroom and even on the roof. Unlike food, however, roofs that get moldy don't have to be thrown away; they just need to be cleaned. While getting rid of mold on a roof might seem like an easy job, homeowners should not tackle it alone. Gaithersburg roofing experts have the tools and skills required to remove mold from any roof properly.

First, it's important for homeowners to understand that not all of the dark green matter found on their roofs is mold. In fact, homes that are located in wet climates can also fall victim to algae growth. Algae are attracted to the limestone powder that is usually present in asphalt shingles. Some other substances that can grow on the roofs of homes include moss, mold and mildew. Unlike algae, mold needs organic matter to thrive. Plants and other organic matter find their way to the tops of homes thanks to animals and wind. Thankfully, professional roofers have cleaning solutions that are designed to kill all of these substances.

Homeowners often think that getting rid of mold is something they can do themselves. However, roofing work should always be left to the professionals. Climbing onto the roof can be dangerous, especially if there is slippery mold growing on it.

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Another reason why homeowners shouldn't try to clean mold themselves is because they lack the proper cleaning solutions. Many people think that mixing bleach with water is a great way to kill mold. While it will kill mold, it will also kill plant life because it's toxic. Roofs are designed to dispel water to the ground, so all of the chemicals used on the roof eventually find their way into groundwater.

After a roof is treated professionally, the homeowner should talk to the roofer about what they can do to prevent mold from coming back. The roofing contractor could recommend installing copper or zinc strips near the ridge of the roof because both of these metals have natural properties that inhibit the growth of mold and algae. As the water runs down these strips, it distributes these properties across the entire roof. On roofs that are prone to molding, roofers might suggest placing metal strips around the chimney and other fixtures that stick out. The strips have to be replaced every few years to keep mold growth down. Metal roofs can be given a zinc coating that helps protect against mold growth and corrosion.

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