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A home's roof is responsible for directing water away from the structure. The roofing system must be able to perform perfectly day after day. Any damage to the structure of the roof could quickly lead to problems with the home's walls, foundation and rooms. In order to protect the large financial investment that is a home, a property owner should arrange for a professional inspection of the roof. Knowing when to schedule a roofing inspection with a Gaithersburg roofing service could save a homeowner from the hassle of property damage and the unexpected costs of extensive repair work that could have been avoided if the problem had been detected earlier.

In the aftermath of a severe weather event such as a tropical storm, hurricane, hailstorm or tornado, many homeowners have a lot on their minds. Some types of storm damage may be clear to the homeowner, such as missing shingles, shingle granules clogging the gutter or a section of the roof that has been blown off by the winds. One of the first calls that should be made after such a storm is to a roof inspection service.

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The home's roof bears the brunt of rainfall and high winds and may have areas of damage that are difficult to detect by an untrained eye.

Another time that a property owner should schedule an inspection of a home's roof is when there are signs of a problem. From bubbling interior paint and water stains to clear indicators such as water puddles, these indicators suggest there is an issue with the home's shingles or the roof's flashing, fascia or soffits.

After a new roof has been installed onto a residence, the roof should be reinspected by a professional before the job is considered complete. Problematic areas such as the flashing, vent openings and intersection with rain gutters should all be closely examined by the inspector.

Any time a person is considering the purchase of a new house, many inspections take place. In addition to inspecting the building's structure and checking for wood destroying insects and the presence of radon gas, the future owner should also have a roofing inspection performed. The findings from this sort of inspection can help the buyer make an informed decision regarding whether or not to go ahead with purchasing the property. The report of the roof's condition may allow the buyer to negotiate a lower sale price or to put roof repairs in the remedy request to the seller.

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