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When a homeowner is looking to sell or finance a home, it is likely they will be required to have their home appraised. Part of an appraiser's job is to determine the value of the home. In order to do this, they will investigate the condition of the roof. For homeowners who are looking to improve the roof and increase the home's value, a Gaithersburg roofing contractor may be able to help by explaining the process and fixing any obvious problems.

There are specific things that an appraiser may look for when inspecting the roof. These include what materials the roof is made of, when the roof was installed and what condition the materials are in. The appraiser may be on the lookout for leaks, corroded flashing or damaged shingles. They may inspect both the interior and the exterior.

The actual appraisal process can be incredibly complex depending on the appraiser. First, they may look at the roof from the outside to visually determine if the roof is sagging in any places or if there are uneven slopes. They will look to see if the shingles are chipping, have blisters or have gaps between them.

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Additionally, they will visually inspect any metal components, such as valleys and vent pipes, to ensure that there is no rust or corrosion.

Next, the appraiser may investigate the roof ventilation system. They may look to ensure that the ventilation system is adequate for the type of roof and attic space the home has and that there is no sign of moisture accumulation, wood rot or mold growth.

Finally, the appraiser may actually enter the attic space to investigate the condition of the interior of the roof. They may examine the condition of the rafters and look to see if any sunlight shines through the roof into the attic space. Finally, they may also look for signs of warping in the roof sheathing and ensure that the ridge beam is stable.

While a home appraiser will investigate other structural and non-structural components of a home and incorporate those findings into an appraisal, the condition of the roof potentially determines how the rest of the appraisal may turn out. If the home has a poorly maintained roof or a roof that has past its expected lifespan, it is incredibly likely that there may be issues with the other structural components. The larger the issues with the roof, the lower the home's value will be. It is usually in the homeowner's best interest to have a professional roofing contractor visit before the appraiser arrives.

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