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Standard shingle roofs last between 20 and 30 years, but some homeowners try to extend that time period with careful preventive maintenance. Although it's possible to prolong a roof's lifespan, a better alternative is typically replacement or renovation. A Gaithersburg roofing professional can quote a customer two estimates to see how much a repair compares to an entire replacement. Homeowners must weigh several factors before deciding on an investment choice.

Simply repairing the roof over many decades adds up to numerous appointments. Roofers could be at a property several times a year in some cases. If homeowners add up all the service call costs, they may have a large amount that could have been applied to an entirely new roof. Service calls can be as simple as replacing a shingle or adding a purlin support, but all contractor visits come with labor costs that must be paid.

Homeowners should concentrate on the benefits of a brand-new roof instead of constantly patching an old installation. New roofs come with substantial warranties. Certain services may even be covered under warranty, saving the homeowner money over time. Residents should compare basic service costs to warranty savings to see the investment difference.

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Although a new roof requires a large upfront investment, overall costs could be much lower over the course of its lifespan.

If a home is on the real estate market, a patched roof may deter some buyers. When a roof is simply repaired, potential buyers may wonder about the remainder of the property and its quality. A brand-new roof adds substantial value to the home and offers priceless curb appeal.

Older roofs have more leaking possibilities than new installations. Even when contractors are diligently patching the roof, weak points across the surface allow some leaks to seep in. When a new installation is chosen, roofers can repair all aspects of the surface. Sheathing, underlayment, flashing and new roof materials are added as necessary. Leaks are almost impossible within the attic. Repairing leaks in the home because of a weakening roof only adds up in more costs. Residents must treat and remove interior water stains to avoid mold and mildew issues, for instance.

To be completely sure about a roof estimate, homeowners should contact several contractors for competing quotes. Each professional will have a slightly different strategy to roof repair or replacement, creating various costs to sort through. Homeowners should consider the long-term effects of all repair or renovation choices before choosing the right pathway to proper roof care.

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