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Silver Spring Roofing: Article About What Is A PVC Roof?

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Traditionally, flat or low slope roofs have been constructed from tarpaper and gravel. The tarpaper protects the building from water, and the gravel layer protects the tarpaper from the sun, debris and severe weather. Flat roofs made from tarpaper and gravel work reasonably well in warmer climates that don't have to worry about snow. However, the possibility of a leak developing in the tarpaper is quite high.

A more modern method of constructing a flat or low slope roof is the PVC roof. On a PVC roof, a special waterproof membrane made out of reinforced vinyl thermoplastics is applied over the roofing deck. Due to the logistical difficulties of applying a single piece of membrane over an entire roof, strips of membrane are laid down and the seams between the strips are heat welded together. PVC flashing is applied over roof valleys and seams between the roof and pipes or skylights. An experienced Silver Spring roofing professional can quickly produce a watertight roof using PVC membranes.

PVC membranes can be mechanically attached, or more commonly, they come coated with adhesive so they can be glued to the underlying roof deck.

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Many PVC membranes have a layer of polyester fleece that both helps protect the membrane from damage and also insulates the building from noise, heat and cold. PVC membranes are pale colored and naturally reflect the sun's rays, helping to keep the building cool.

A PVC membrane roof doesn't need any additional work done once the membrane is laid down. In most cases, there is no real need to apply a layer of protective material over the top. However, a spray on coating of polystyrene or polyurethane foam can help protect the membrane and prolong its life. Individuals who wish to use their flat roof as additional living space or as a garden will, however, need to have an additional protective layer of metal, wood, rubber matting or foam boards placed over the membrane to protect it from shoes, furniture and plant roots.

PVC roofs are extremely resistant to harsh weather. Unlike shingles, they don't blow off, even during hurricane speed winds. If a protective layer of material has been placed over the membrane, it is quite resistant to flying debris and hailstones. If flying debris creates a small puncture in the membrane, it can quickly and easily be patched by applying special cement to the damage. A properly constructed flat PVC roof drains water off through gutter systems even during torrential downpours.

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