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Everyone knows how important it is to "keep a roof over their heads," and most homeowners know that roofs get damaged over time and by what factors. A Silver Spring roofing professional will tell any homeowner that there are several subtle and lesser known factors that can also damage a roof and threaten its functionality and structural integrity.

One of the most common contributing factors in roof damage, trees and leaves are an often a primary agent in causing a roof to breakdown. Broken branches or fallen trees can decimate a home. Leaves can build up in a gutter, absorbing water and adding weight. From there, gutters can begin to rip from a surface or even bow the shape of a roof. Additionally, leaves can both be a fire or water hazard. Dry leaves are susceptible to high amounts of heat or lightning strikes. Wet leaves can cause a damming effect in gutters and effectively pool water on a roof, potentially leading to systemic water damage.

Insects and animals can also severely damage a roof. Termites, other insects and mammals can infiltrate the substrate of a roof and effectively hollow it from the inside out. Birds can build nests in gutters, creating the same problems as clogged leaves. If a homeowner has insects in their roof and lives in an area with woodpeckers, the problem will only multiply as the birds attempt to pluck insects from a roof's structure.

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Weather is another significant issue for roof integrity. Severe winds can rip off shingles. Extreme heat can cause shingle withering or peeling. Areas that experience hail can have chunks taken out of roofs by large, rapidly moving balls of ice. The cold can also promote condensation, which forms when moisture comes into contact with a cold surface. In addition to the cold, ice buildup can create dams that clog gutters. Unlike leaf dams, ice dams will effectively block all drainage of water and cause irreparable damage from water pools.

Lastly, fault flashing is a serious roofing ailment that can also lead to a major need of repairs. Fault flashing occurs when the joints that cover a roof and its walls is damaged by external factors or is badly installed. When fault flashing occurs, the joints of a roof are left effectively unprotected from the elements. Roof joists can become rotted, and complete holes in a roof can follow. Is it best to always keep an eye out for these signs to hopefully catch a problem long before it becomes significant.

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