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When building a new home or addition, homeowners are left with the task of choosing what type of roof to add. There are a number of different options available, ranging from unique and complex to incredibly simple. While some homeowners may choose to go with a complex design, simpler roofs have many enticing benefits. Shed style roofs are the simplest roofing option. That being said, simple doesn't have to be boring. Shed roofs can be used to create a sleek and modern appearance to any home. Homeowners should consult with a Silver Spring roofing expert to see if their new home or addition can benefit from a shed roof.

Essentially, shed roofs are one half of a gabled roof. They consist of a single sloping plane with no valleys or ridges. They are incredibly simple in design, making the very versatile. They can be applied to homes by on their own or mixed with other roof styles for a unique appearance. Additions are usually covered with shed roofs because they provide the protection necessary while still complimenting the other roof style.

The biggest advantage of having a shed roof is the cost.

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Because of its simplicity, it doesn't require a lot of materials or labor. Homeowners can use the money they saved during construction to upgrade the roof. Shed roofs work great with skylights and other upgrade options, allowing homeowners to truly customize their home. Shed roofs also help to keep the home cool by providing additional shade. These roofs tend to be quite long with a considerable eave extending beyond the fascia, providing shade to the interior of the home. This can help to cool it and reduce energy costs.

Despite their advantages, shed roofs do have some shortcomings. Drainage issues are a common problem with shed roofs. Roofs with a lower pitch can experience excessive ponding. Ponding can cause the roof's structure to slowly deteriorate, eventually leading to a collapse. This is usually caused by debris blocking water from flowing freely down the roof. Drainage issues can cause structural damage inside the home. It is important for homeowners to provide proper maintenance to ensure that it doesn't experience drainage issues.

With all of their simplicity, shed roofs are becoming increasingly popular. Homeowners can keep their construction costs down while still benefiting from effective protection for their home. Thanks to their streamlined design, homeowners can use shed roofs imaginatively and create a roofing system that is unique.

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