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Home renovations are normally investments residents save up for over many months or years. Because of their price tag, projects must be as well-planned as possible. When it comes to renovations on or around the roof, the roofing materials should be considered a top priority. A Silver Spring roofing professional may suggest replacing an old roof system if any renovations are planned for the immediate area.

If a home has a roof older than 15 or 20 years, it's best to renovate it first before adding solar panels. These large metal frames connect into the roof and cover many shingles to catch the sunlight. When a roof must be replaced after a solar installation, all the panels and connecting frames must be removed to access the shingles below. Homeowners won't have to worry about any roof issues with a new shingle installation and panels securely attached to their mounts.

Homeowners contemplating an attic conversion should do so after a roof installation. Once roofers remove the shingles and underlayment, they may need to repair the roof deck. This deck leads directly to the roof space. If the deck is damaged, water can flow into it using capillary action within crevices. Allow professionals to repair and replace the deck as necessary.

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Any debris falling into the attic is quickly cleaned up when a conversion occurs after the roof is completely finished.

Some air conditioning units are permanently installed on roof mounts. If both the roof and AC unit require replacement, these projects could be performed simultaneously. With the old shingles removed, the roof is open for HVAC professionals to move the new unit onto the mount. After their work is completed, roofers add the new shingles for a perfect look across the entire roof surface.

Avoid painting the exterior until after the roof is replaced. Debris falling from the roof during removal may strike a new paint job along the walls, creating unsightly marks. Paint the home after the roof installation, especially if fascia boards are installed. This new lumber holding rain gutters at the roof's edge will have no color at all until professionals paint it.

If residents are unclear about renovation preparations, speak to a roofing professional to understand the best course of action. A chimney rebuild, for example, would be a better candidate for repair before a roof installation. Professionals can guide homeowners with the smartest plan for household beautification and functionality.

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