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Silver Spring Roofing: Article About Roof Tear Off Or Reroof

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One of the common questions many Silver Spring roofing contractors get asked is whether homeowners should simply reroof. The confusion lies in the fact that reroofing can be significantly cheaper than a new roof installation that is performed after all of the old roofing materials are torn off.

It is certainly easy to understand why homeowners would want to choose the least expensive route; however, as with many things, what looks like a money saving shortcut could end up costing more in the long run. This is certainly true when it comes to reroofing.

Reroofing definitely has its place. For example, when a homeowner is in dire need of a new roof, but they simply do not have the financial resources, reroofing offers an excellent way to save some money. Unfortunately, there are hidden long term costs that many homeowners overlook.

Reroofing is a common practice in which roofing contractors simply install the new roof directly on top of the existing roof. This saves the homeowner money because there is no labor costs for tearing off the old roofing system or disposal fees. Of course, there is more to the cost of a new roof than just installation. Some important factors that should be considered are things that can affect long term costs.

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While not tearing of the old roofing system can certainly reduce initial installation costs, those old materials are going to have to come off, eventually. Typically, a home can only be reroofed once, so the next time a new roof is needed, both layers of shingles and waterproofing will need to be removed. This will add to disposal costs and labor costs as well as the duration of the roofing project.

Additionally, homes that are reroofed will generally require more energy to keep them cool. Those extra shingles trap heat and will often increase cooling costs. Of course, one of the biggest hidden expenses with reroofing is the fact that these roofs typically do not have the same life expectancy as a new roof that has been installed on a roof deck that is properly cleared for installation.

Finally, when a home is reroofed, the homeowner runs the risk of hidden damage. Whether there is water damage to the roof deck or other problems, reroofing simply covers the damage. This can create a situation where hidden damage continues to deteriorate the roof and can lead to expensive repairs in the future.

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