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Regardless of the roofing material a home has, there comes a point when the material will need to be professionally restored. Since many different types of material can be used on homes, there is no set average as to when this restoration will need to be done. However, a general rule of thumb is to have a roof restored every 12 years. The amount of time between restorations can be extended for metal roofs because they tend to hold up better to the elements. Roof restoration is never something that a homeowner should try to do themselves. Hiring a Silver Spring roofing professional will ensure that the job is done properly.

As roofs age, they start to lose a lot of the properties that make them great at protecting homes from the outside elements. Old shingles lose their ability to repel water and start to deform. When roofing materials such as wood, metal and asphalt start to buckle, they make gaps that allow moisture to penetrate to the roofing deck. Research done by engineering organization Ivan Marovitch and Associates found that recoating roofing material every 12 years can prevent it from absorbing water and distorting.

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Homeowners should talk to roofing professionals to get a better timeline as to when they should have their roofs recoated. Some materials, such as wood, might require attention sooner, especially in areas that receive a lot of rain.

In places that receive a lot of wind, repointing the ridge caps are another restoration project that homeowners should look into. High winds or violent weather can loosen ridge caps and make roofs unsafe. When the ridge caps become damaged, strong gusts of wind can remove them and send roofing material into the yard below. This is not only dangerous for anyone who may be in the yard at the time but can also lead to leaks.

Having a roof restored also preserves its membrane coating. This special coating on the roof protects it in three ways. First, it protects the roofing material from UV damage caused by the solar radiation of the sun. It also prevents the roof from expanding and contracting as much during changes in temperature. An example of this is the change in temperature between night and day. Lastly, the membrane coating is an anchor point for the roof. It forbids the roof from pulling away from the ridge caps. Keeping the membrane coating in good shape will keep the homeowner from spending more money on maintenance later.

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