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When homeowners have flat roofs, it's common for them to have some kind of felt material installed. In fact, felt is one of the most common materials used in flat roof construction. While felt helps offer a lot of support and leak prevention, it's imperative that homeowners keep the felt maintained by hiring Silver Spring roofing experts. Homeowners can follow these tips so that they know when it's time to hire a professional to maintain the felt lining.

The first tip for homeowners is to avoid placing anything heavy on felt. If something heavy is placed on a felt roof, it's important for the homeowner to contact a roofing expert right away to inspect the lining. During the inspection, roofers look for cracks in the roofing material that may allow water seepage. When water is exposed to the roofing deck, mold can develop and rot can set in. Once the roof starts to rot, the residents will be forced to have a new roof installed to make it structurally sound again.

After any heavy storm, felt roofs need to be inspected by professionals. The roofing experts will check the felt roofs to make sure that they are draining the water properly.

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They will also check the gutters on the roofs to see if they are clogged. Stormy winds can often carry debris up onto the roofs. As the rain washes the debris off the roofs, it is caught in the gutter systems. Once these systems become clogged, it keeps the water from draining correctly.

Even in areas where homeowners don't experience many storms, felt roofs need to be professionally checked biannually. The best time to have a roof checked is during the spring and autumn months, when debris is most likely to build up on roofs. During inspections, roofers survey the roofs for blisters, bubbles, loose surfaces or other roofing materials that have become worn out. They will also check connection points to ensure there is a good seal between the roofing material and fixtures that stick out of the roof.

The best way for homeowners to get the most life out of their felt roofs is to deal with any repairs promptly. Left neglected, felt roofs can leak and cause serious structural damage to a home's roofing deck. For flat roofs, homeowners should consider using liquid membranes to coat the top of the roof to add an extra layer of leak protection. This will help protect the roof against the harmful effects of the sun's solar heat rays.

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