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Structural siding used to take the form of basic wood or vinyl, creating a strong barrier against the weathering elements. As modern building materials evolved, fiber cement became a strong contender to replace these traditional siding choices. Fiber cement is a mixture of sand, cement and plant fibers. When mixed with the proper ingredient ratios, fiber cement becomes a strong material meant to last for decades after a proper installation. When homeowners receive a siding quote from a Silver Spring roofing professional, they should look at all the features fiber cement brings to a home.

Because fiber cement begins as a viscous mixture, its final form can take nearly any shape. Homeowners may want the standard clapboard appearance, or they might opt for a scalloped finish where small fiber cement sections are added to the home's walls. Each form the fiber cement takes is still strong protection for a home's walls. This material can even have varying textures across the surface, depending on the homeowner's desires. Contractors should offer several samples during the estimating process to display the texture or smooth feeling a homeowner wants to achieve on their property.

Homeowners may be used to painting the exterior once every few years to keep the property looking bright, but fiber cement has a longer time period between color updates.

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When the material is manufactured, fiber cement usually has color added to the mixture. Because it's not painted on, the color remains solid for many years. Homeowners are welcome to paint the surface to change the color at some point, but dealing with a fading facade doesn't occur for many years after installation.

As the fiber cement forms into place during manufacturing, the plant fibers create a web amongst the cement and sand. This material is almost impenetrable when it comes to pests and weathering. Rot and decay aren't factors with fiber cement, unlike traditional wood. Pests cannot break the fiber cement materials down, so they move on to another area. As a fire-resistant siding, fiber cement also provides a level of safety not found with other material choices.

Homeowners must be aware that fiber cement is more expensive than other materials. It's heavy to install, requiring extra labor to hold in place and fasten. However, residents should compare material quality and longevity as they consider requesting a fiber cement installation quote from their contractor. This siding remains attractive and sturdy for decades of use.

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