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Whether a skylight is brand new or several years old, these special windows must be evaluated often to prevent any damage to the home's interior. A Rockville roofing professional should inspect the glass on the inside and outside at least once a year. Although it's technically a window, roofers deal with skylights because of their connection and impact on the roof itself. Understanding key inspection points gives homeowners a glimpse at proper skylight care.

The first obvious inspection point is cracked glass. Skylights are normally very thick panes with a domed effect for even greater stability. However, hail and other flying debris can damage the glass with cracks and divots. Contractors must evaluate these areas to determine if repair or replacement is necessary. Leaks only grow more troublesome as cracks enlarge through expansion and contraction.

Roofers climb up to the roof and evaluate the flashing around the skylight. The flashing is made of metal sections covering the skylight's edge connections to the roof itself. Contractors inspect the flashing and remove it temporarily to look underneath them. Any moisture trapped beneath the flashing is cause for concern. The flashing could be damaged, allowing rain to flow closely to the skylight's seals. Roofers will either repair the flashing or replace it entirely.

With the flashing removed, professionals also evaluate the skylight seals or curb mount.

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There should be no wear or gaps between the glass and roof. In severe cases, roofers may need to remove the skylight and replace the curb mount itself. This seal keeps the majority of leaks at bay.

Many skylights are fixed glass panes, but some homeowners enjoy vented models. These skylights actually open, allowing sunlight and air to pass through the interior. Vented skylights require extra evaluation steps to verify that the parts work correctly. Contractors open and close the glass as they concentrate on the motor's operation. They may even lubricate the motor assembly if parts begin to grind. The biggest concern is leaks as the glass closes shut. Each time the skylight closes, it must have a perfectly snug connection to the frame. Contractors will repair or replace the frame seal if it's not working consistently with each opening and closing action.

A home could have modern automatic vented skylights or just the tubular type, but all assemblies must be inspected with the same evaluation technique. Homeowners can discuss a service call contract with a roofing professional to stay on top of proper maintenance. Both the roof and skylight have decades of viable use with a professional's guidance.

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