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Rockville Roofing: Article About Salt Boxes and Sheds

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Individuals interested in a variety of Rockville roofing options may seek to build one that lends itself to an architectural style that is different from most other homes in the community. In many cases, a modern twist is put on a type of roof that was widely used during the colonial days. A type known as a salt box is one of them.

The name came about because of its resemblance to wooden storage boxes that were popular at the time. The top consists of two sloped surfaces that have an asymmetrical shape when viewed from the end. One surface is significantly longer than the other, and it was soon discovered that houses with this configuration had more headroom along the exterior walls. This is particularly important in the case of two story homes. Salt box roofs are sometimes incorporated into modern architecture in ways that offer a contemporary look. For example, the shorter portion of the roof is placed on the side of the structure that faces the road and is often combined with a wall that uses a lot of glass to come up with a modern expression. A salt box roof is a viable choice for a home that is built on a lot where space is limited in order to maximize the available square footage for the living area.

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A shed roof is one that has a single surface that is sloped and runs the entire length and width of the structure. It is typically easier and less expensive to build because the entire roof is on a single plane. These types of roofs have historically been used on storage buildings and sheds. They are also widely utilized on porches and building additions. In both these cases, the shed roof attaches to a roof of another style that covers the main structure. The result is that the entire roof in essence becomes a type of hybrid roof that is a combination of two or more styles.

Builders in colonial times soon discovered that, when adding one or more rooms onto the back of a house, changing the roof slope so that it was not as steep provided more space with usable headroom. This became so popular that the style started to become part of the original design of many homes. A shed roof is sometimes referred to as a lean to. Its construction is similar to a flat roof except for the extra slope to aid in drainage.

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