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When homeowners are shopping for gutter systems, there are numerous facets for them to consider, including the type, shape, size and material. While they can enlist the help of Rockville roofing experts to handle the installation, it's important that homeowners know a little bit about their options before they commit to a gutter system.

The first thing that homeowners may decide on is whether their gutter systems will be sectional or seamless. Gutters were traditionally made in sections that were put together but prone to leaks. Modern sectional gutters require sealant so that the seams to not leak, and the sealant must be reapplied over time. However, some materials can be soldered together. Seamless systems run the length of the roof without seams. They are usually installed with special machines that form long stretches of the chosen material.

The next facet to consider is the shape of the gutter system. There are two main shapes: K style and half round. While both of these shapes drain the same amount of water, the half round is considered the traditional shape and has been used since the early 1900s. The K style wasn't used until about the 1950s. Homeowners can also choose between rectangular and round downspouts.

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When deciding on the size of their gutter systems, homeowners need to consider the rainfall density in their residential areas. Homes in locations that get a lot of rain, have steep pitched roofs, or are surrounded by tall trees need bigger systems. The most common sizes for gutters are 5 and 6 inches wide at the opening, but 4 inch units are also available. Downspouts generally come in 2 by 3 inch, 3 by 4 inch, and 3 or 4 inch diameter sizes. The thickness of the gutters depends on the type of material that the homeowners choose, with thicker gutters being more durable and sturdy but typically more expensive.

The most popular gutter material is aluminum, which is durable and easy for roofers to install. It rusts over time but is available in a variety of colors to match the other features on homes, such as molding. Vinyl is another inexpensive option that is easy to work with, but it often becomes brittle in cold climates.

Steel gutters are often galvanized and are a durable and strong choice. Roofers may solder sectional steel systems together. This material typically rusts after 20 to 25 years, but stainless steel is an option that doesn't rust. A fourth option is copper, which is one of the most durable metals and adds aesthetic appeal to homes. Some homeowners, however, don't like the color change that occurs with copper as it ages and is exposed to the elements.

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