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One of the most important aspects of roofing is ventilation. When a roof goes through many weather changes, it can cause moisture to build up in the form of condensation in a home's attic. This process can result in mold growth throughout the attic that can create many problems from interior damage to health problems for the residents. A Rockville roofing contractor will be able to help find the proper balance of ventilation and insulation in the attic in order to keep air circulating properly and extend the life of the roof.

Several different types of vents can be added to any roof in order to help air circulation throughout the attic. A box vent, also called a louver, flat vent or turtle vent, is a static vent with no moving parts. Box vents are most effective when installed near the roof ridge as they create an opening for rising hot air and moisture to escape by the most natural route at the top. Since box vents depend on the natural breezes to pull the air out of the attic, many are required to be the most effective.

Ridge vent systems are more efficient and attractive because they run the entire length of the roof's ridge. When they are combined with under eave soffit vents, they are the most effective since this helps evenly distribute the different temperatures.

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These vents are not dependent on wind, so changes in direction will have little effect on their performance.

Wind turbines, or whirlybirds, are not static because they have moving parts inside of them. However, they do not have a motor, but they rely on the wind to get the power that they need to move. A wind turbine is a large, round shaped exhaust fan that is installed on the rooftop. When the wind is blowing, wind turbines are able to move large quantities of air through them; however, they can be more restrictive without wind.

Other types of vents include power, off ridge, cupola and soffit vents. Power vents are the only vent system that is powered by electricity. Some are triggered by a thermostat that turns the vent fan on when the attic gets to a certain temperature. The other vents are static vents. They can be placed on or near the ridge of the roof to push the flow of air out the top of the roof or in the eaves of the home. When a home is properly ventilated, many serious issues will be prevented.

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