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Many homeowners may feel that going through an unlicensed roofing contractor will save them in both the short and long term on their roofing expenses. While this may be true the short term since many unlicensed contractors can offer rates lower than those of licensed and insured roofing companies, there are reasons why many professional roofing companies have higher costs, and it's typically for a homeowner's protection.

Knowingly going through an unlicensed contractor is illegal in many states, primarily for the reason that unlicensed contractors bring with them a plethora of litigation problems. Namely, homeowners are often left holding the bill in the event of damage to their property and can be held responsible for injury to a contractor that does not have their own liability insurance. Many homeowner policies will not cover personal injury to an unlicensed contractor or damage to a covered property by one.

Recognizing unlicensed contractors is a homeowner's first defense against shoddy workmanship, unfulfilled warranties, painful litigation or an uncompleted job altogether. First, always check with a contractor to verify their insurance. A professional Rockville roofing contractor should have no problem providing their customers with insurance information. Make sure to get the carrier and policy number and to follow up to make sure that the worker and company are covered.

Doing a little research on a contractor and their company is also a very easy step to take towards personal protection.

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Research certifications; make sure they are properly certified by the National Roofing Contractors Association, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry or any other local organization such as GAF: one of North America's leading residential and commercial roofing manufacturers. This certification ensures a contractor is qualified to do the job.

After a roofer or a roofing company has proven they are in possession of insurance and certification, it is still a good idea to do a little background research to make sure they are the right contractor for a job. Even if a company is licensed, insured and certified, their quality could still be lacking. Review the Better Business Bureau for complaints if there are any. Communicate via word of mouth for reviews on a company or contractor. Although newer, there are consumer driven websites that are also a great way to verify customer service.

Know and understand what a contractor will be doing and get as much information upfront as possible. If a roofer or roofing company is having difficulties explaining upfront and transparently what they will provide for every homeowner, there may be a possible lack of quality, and they should be avoided at all costs.

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