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Gutters keep rainfall and other water away from a home's structure. However, as they age, gutters have the potential to become clogged and cracked. In some cases, the gutters can be repaired or cleaned; in other cases, the entire system will need to be replaced. There are four major signs that the gutters may have reached the end of their life. If a homeowner is ever unsure whether their gutter system needs replacements or major repairs, a Germantown roofing contractor can help.

The first major sign is if cracks or splits have begun to form. Small cracks can easily become larger if a major rainstorm hits. If the cracks cause the gutters to completely come apart, the incoming water could cause damage to the roof's fascia, the exterior walls, the shingles on the drip edge and the foundation immediately below the cracked gutter. Second, peeling paint or the formation of orange flecks may also indicate that the gutters are not moving water away from the roof. In severe cases, the orange flecks could be rust or corroded gutter material.

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Because gutters are designed to move water away from the home's foundation, finding pools of water or areas of mildew or mold growth around the foundation may be an indication that the gutters are no longer working. In some cases, this could be an indication that a clog has formed in a downspout or that corrosion has occurred. If a clog can be found, this issue may be fixed by simply flushing out the clog with a high-pressure house. If, however, the gutters themselves have been compromised by rust, they will need to be completely replaced.

A fourth easy indication that the gutter system is no longer working properly is if the gutters are pulling away from the house or if there is sagging. These symptoms may indicate that water has become trapped within the gutters with the weight of the water pulling the gutter out of the roof's fascia. While this could be caused by clogs, it could also mean that the gutter system is not large enough for the home or that it is not properly draining away the water.

Even if basic repairs can be made, cracks, pooling water and sagging are signs that the gutters will eventually need to be replaced. If the owner of the home waits to replace the gutters, they potentially face damage to other parts of the home in addition to needing new gutters.

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