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Of all the different roofing materials available to homeowners, slate roofing has to be one of the most unique. With the exception of wood shingles, there are few roofing options that give homes a natural appearance. What many homeowners don't know is that there are many different types of rocks that can be used for slate roofs. It's important for them to consider the life expediency of each before hiring Germantown roofing experts to install this roofing material.

Before jumping into the different types of slate available to residents, it is important to note that slate roofs put a lot of extra weight on the top of a house. For older homes, additional structural reinforcements might be required to support the extra weight. Professional roofers should be able to tell homeowners whether their homes need extra structural support. Also, regardless of where the slate is most commonly found, homeowners can have their desired slate rock shipped anywhere.

Welsh slate is a popular choice and has the second-longest life expectancy out of any other slate on the market. Both Buckingham Palace and Number 10 Downing Street have Welsh slate roofs.

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Most slate suppliers estimate this roofing option lasts for roughly 150 years.

The only slate roofing material that has a longer life span than Welsh slate is American slate. A popular roofing material for homes all over the United States, this material has a life expectancy of nearly 200 years. American slate should not be confused with Pennsylvania black slate, which is estimated to last between 75 and 125 years because it's much softer.

Canadian slate is a popular choice for homes in cold climates. This roofing option is very resistant to frost and has an elegant shine. This shine typically lasts the lifetime of the slate since it's free of oxides. It's not uncommon for this style of slate to last upwards of 100 years.

Spanish slate rock has the second-shortest life expectancy out of the different styles available. This roofing material, which tends to hold up better in warmer climates, only lasts 40 to 50 years before pieces will need to be replaced. Homeowners often choose this style because the pyrite in it causes the soft rock to develop veins of rust, creating a distinctive look. Roofs that are covered in Spanish slate often look uneven because this type of rock cannot be sanded down for uniformity, or it will split and crack.

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