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Germantown Roofing: Article About Seven Holiday Light Tips

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Whether planning a spectacular holiday display or hanging a few lights to make the kids happy, there are just a few tips that are important to remember. These recommendations by Germantown roofing contractors will keep the holiday festive, the home protected from damage and the homeowner safe from injury.

Make sure to use light strands that are rated for outdoor use, and be sure to test all bulbs from the ground. If there are any exposed wires or if the light strands appear to be damaged, discard the strand to prevent the potential for fire hazards. Read the specifications on each light strand box to determine how many strands can be safely connected. Make sure light strands are untangled and ready to hang while on the ground.

Once the lights are inspected, prepare to hang the lights where desired. Be sure to identify the power sources to be used and hang the lights so that the plug ends are near the outlet. If extension cords are to be used, use only UL approved extension cords specifically rated for outdoor use.

It is best to install any lights that will be hung on the roof line from the ground. It is not recommended that the homeowner walk on the roof surface if possible. If walking on the roof is necessary, walk carefully to avoid damage to the shingles. When hanging the lights, use only a sturdy ladder on a hard, flat surface.

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The ladder should be placed in a position that does not require the homeowner to reach beyond an arm's length. Make sure there is another person there to keep an eye on the ladder for safety. This helper can also make sure light strings are taut and not a tripping hazard for the person on the ladder.

Never, under any circumstances, nail into the roof for the purpose of hanging lights. Holes in the roof of any kind can weaken the roof's protection and allow moisture to enter. Light bulbs should be secured using plastic light clips. Whenever possible, hang the clips from the guttering. If light strands must be secured to the shingles themselves, take care to avoid damaging the shingle and use plastic hanging clips. It is important to secure the light strands so they do not blow in the winter wind.

In addition, be aware of the location of all power lines around the roof line of the home. When taking lights down after the holiday season is over, be sure to remove strands using the same method for which they were put up. Take care not to yank the light string from the ground. This can result in damage not only to the lights but also to the roof. Remove clips and store for use the following season.

If the homeowner is uncomfortable on the ladder or not physically able to climb, or if the homeowner is unsure how to safely and properly hang lights to avoid damage to the roof, contact a professional. Many local roofing contractors offer holiday lighting services during the winter months.

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