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Concerned homeowners are constantly inspecting their property for any repairs or upkeep necessary to keep everything working properly. Because it is more difficult to inspect the roof, homeowners may not find problems as quickly. Concentrating on clues found on the ground will help homeowners know when they have an issue that requires attention. Even if a Germantown roofing professional examines the property once or twice a year, homeowners should look for clues that tell a story about the roof's health.

Taking a walk around a property gives homeowners a chance to look for roofing debris. After a rain, for instance, tiny granules might be strewn across pathways and other areas. Although they can be mistaken for soil, these granules are particles from the shingles themselves. They indicate that roofing materials are breaking down faster than before, possibly requiring a replacement project in the near future.

Another obvious roof issue at ground level is loose nails. Shingles use four to six nails for each section, holding them securely to the roof for years. If any of these nails pull out, they'll fall to the ground after high winds or storms.

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Nails found on the ground are concerning because they pose injury danger to residents. Contacting a professional immediately reduces nail loss and solves the roofing issue.

Most homes have some soil surrounding their foundation. This soil may develop divots or gouges in some areas over time. These divots aren't from ground forces, but occur from water drips or streams emanating from the rain gutter system above. Professionals can verify gutter issues by running water across the roof. They'll observe the divots being created in real time as gutters malfunction or overflow. Roofers can fix the issues to stop the soil and gutter problems immediately.

Gutter downspouts are the vertical assemblies directing water from the roof to a nearby drainage system. Changes to the downspouts' shape should never occur with a properly maintained gutter system. However, bulges in the downspout indicate a clogging issue. Contractors must remove the downspout and clean out the blockage. The gutter system cannot work efficiently with clogs blocking the way.

Always keep an eye open to any other issues regarding roof health. Even from the backyard, homeowners can gaze up at the roof and see if any shingles are lifting or missing entirely. Careful observation gives professionals critical information about steps that must be taken to make a roof last for decades.

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