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Attaining the goal of purchasing a home is one to be celebrated. In addition to a well deserved sense of pride, there are many responsibilities that come with homeownership. One of those responsibilities is paying attention to the signs of a deteriorating roof.

The shingles themselves can send a message to homeowners. Broken or missing shingles, missing asphalt, dark spots and curling or buckling of shingles are all significant signs that can be visible from the ground also from the rooftop. Signs of roof damage found inside the home include roof leaks, holes or cracks in the roof and the presence of mold.

If any of these issues are observed, the homeowner should immediately contact a Germantown roofing contractor for a roofing inspection. To find the right area contractor, the owner should check feedback on sites like Angie's List and perform a search with the Better Business Bureau.

During the inspection, the roofing contractor will thoroughly assess both the interior and exterior of the home. While it is not always safe for the homeowner to do a rooftop inspection, an experienced roofing inspector can safely evaluate the roof in complete detail. The flashing, downspouts, soffit, gutters, shingles and attic area are all reviewed during a roof inspection.

The danger of ignoring the signs of a roof in need of repair is damage caused due to the home not being adequately protected.

The roofing experts at Seneca Creek Home Improvement of Germantown MD can assist you with any questions regarding roof repair, doors or siding.

Water that is allowed to leak through the roof can damage interior walls, result in the weakening of roof trusses, damage interior ceilings and allow mold to breed in the attic and interior spaces. Flooding due to water not properly draining away from the home is an additional risk.

Often this type of damage can be avoided with simple and cost effective repairs. Following the roof inspection, the contractor will walk through his findings with homeowners. If repairs can be made to extend the life of the existing roof, the contractor will detail the repairs needed.

In some cases, the condition of the existing roof is beyond repair and may require a roof replacement. If a new roof is recommended, the contractor will detail available shingle options for the homeowner, the cost and benefits of each, and steps that will be necessary to replace the roof to adequately protect the home.

Paying close attention to the condition of the roof will help the homeowner protect his investment, save money and eliminate unnecessary damage to the home. A quick and easy roof inspection by a qualified roofing contractor can help the homeowner rest assured that his home will be a source of pride for many years to come.

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