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One of the most common repairs that are made on residential roofs is on leaks that must be remedied due to water that has entered the home. Leaks often develop due to age of the roof and damage that occurs. Although leaks are prone to occur with time, there are a few steps to take to prevent them.

It's important to have shingles and tiles replaced on a roof by a Germantown roofing professional due to areas that may not be protected and are more susceptible to environmental elements. Storms and harsh weather can cause the roof to deteriorate at a fast rate with leaks that quickly develop.

To identify where leaks may be present on a roof, it's important to hire a professional to inspect the structure once every year with a roof inspection. The roofer can also prepare the home for upcoming seasons to ensure that the roof remains intact and that precautionary measures are taken.

Chimneys and skylights are one of the most common areas where leaks often develop and should be properly sealed around the structure. The flashing should be replaced when it's become worn or it has deteriorated.

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It's also important to make sure that there is proper ventilation in the attic to prevent the roof from becoming too hot throughout the year. Attics that are poorly ventilated can cause the roof to become 50 degrees warmer than the outside temperature. This will ultimately cause shingles to curl up and become limited with the amount of protection that is provided to the roof.

Another way to prevent leaks from developing is to cut back trees that may be in close proximity to your home. If they come in contact with the roof, it can easily cause damage, which will result in a leak.

While maintaining your roof and attempting to protect it from leaks, it's important to avoid walking on the structure as much as possible. Excess weight or pressure on the roof can cause damage due to weak areas that are more susceptible to leaks.

If frequent leaks begin to develop on a roof, it's important to consider that it may be time to replace the structure. Roofs that are at least 20 years old often begin to decline with their durability and often require frequent repairs to be made by a professional roofer. Instead of risking damage to the interior of the home, the roof should be replaced when it fails to protect the property throughout the year.

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