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Older rain gutter designs used to incorporate spike-and-ferrule attachments to the eave. The spike acted as a fastener and strengthening component to the gutter, but these connection concepts weren't strong enough for decades of maintenance-free use. A Germantown roofing professional uses a newer rain gutter design referred to as the hidden screw hanger system. These gutters provide strength and pleasing aesthetics for homeowners looking for an update.

Unlike the spike-and-ferrule design, hanger systems don't use a fastener component hanging within the gutter itself. This modern design frees the gutter interior to hold as much water as possible during heavy rains. Hanger systems support the gutter from underneath, hiding the fastener behind the gutter and fascia board. Because the gutter isn't hanging down, it has much more support to remain in place during many years of weather patterns. From afar, the supports are very subtle and almost mimic a flower box support extending from a windowsill.

Because there is no spike running through the gutter interior, designers have a chance to widen the system. Each gutter channel may have a slightly wider top section while tapering off at the base to direct water into downspouts.

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If heavy rains prevail, more water can be caught by the wider top piece, protecting the foundation and soil below. The gutters even have a more stylish shape, complementing the structure and maintaining a subtle decorative effect.

Unless a home's fascia board is truly decaying, hanger gutter systems rarely detach from the structure. When gutters break away, they can crack and bend. Water pools in the area, causing even more damage. With proper preventive maintenance, hanger gutters remain sturdy for years. The fascia board also retains its strength because it's not being damaged with fasteners attached directly into the middle section.

Contractors understand that homeowners may want attractive colors for their gutters. These exterior necessities are no longer white but can be almost any color desired. Homeowners can speak to a contractor about a matching or complementing gutter color. They can bring samples to the home to see the color against the exterior wall. Gutters can be functional accent pieces in today's modern home market.

Hanger gutter systems work well for basic drainage or water harvesting based on the homeowner's desires. Residents can discuss their particular needs with the contractor to create a pleasing gutter design. This renovation is a chance to change drainage locations if desired, freeing the property up for a landscape renovation as well.

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