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A residential roofing system plays a primary role in home comfort management because of the direct effects of sunlight on the roof area throughout the year. As the roof absorbs heat from the sun and from the air, it can transfer that heat into the living space below. However, there are energy-efficient roofing solutions that can be considered to improve home comfort levels. A homeowner may be surprised that the HVAC system is affected by the roofing system, but good maintenance and careful planning with the assistance of Germantown roofing professionals can ensure that HVAC equipment is able to function properly on an ongoing basis.

The heating load and cooling load of a home can play an important role in how HVAC equipment is sized. However, the roofing system can affect these loads based on factors such as material and design. Green roofing is a reference to energy efficiency, and with a more efficient roofing system, a homeowner can expect to enjoy more comfortable indoor conditions with less energy being expended to achieve these results.

One of the simplest and most affordable options for improving HVAC performance by updating the roof is the use of cool coatings for the area. These can be white coatings painted onto the existing roofing material.

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There are also reflective coatings that are able to provide UV protection. If re-roofing is necessary because of structural issues, a cool roof may be just as affordable as a roof that is not energy efficient. Selection of roofing tiles or materials in cool colors can provide reflective benefits while also supporting structural integrity.

Additional steps toward cool roofing can be taken through updates to the attic. Ventilation is crucial for keeping the roofing system from overheating. Ventilating soffits should be evaluated regularly to ensure that airflow is consistent. A blocked soffit can result in an overheated roof. During summer months, this can increase the cooling load and result in high energy bills. During the winter months, this can result in ice dams on the roof, which could lead to structural problems and roof damage. The attic can also be treated with a radiant barrier, which is attached to rafters to reflect heat back out of the area. When radiant barriers are installed, it's best to work with a roofing professional to ensure proper placement and minimal material waste. Because checking of soffits is included in an inspection, professional roofing maintenance should be scheduled annually.

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