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There are dozens of things that might cause a leak in a roof. Storms can drag away shingles, animals can crack the underlayment and the roof deck may suffer from water damage. One of the main reasons for a leaking roof is some type of damage that affects both the underlayment and the shingles. Though homeowners might assume that this is a simple repair they can do on their own, repairs of this type require professional help. Germantown roofing experts encourage local homeowners to contact them and schedule a time for home inspections or appointments. Trained experts can determine what caused the leak and how it can be fixed.

During the inspection, the contractor will find what led to the leak. Damage to the underlayment often requires the use of roof cement. Underlayment comes in long rolls that contractors can unroll on the roof and cut to the right size needed, but it also comes in large sheets of paper that can be cut into the right size. Contractors can mix the roof cement and apply a small amount of the cement to the crack or hole found in the roof.

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Contractors will then smooth out the material before placing a new piece of underlayment directly on top. This keeps the roof waterproof and prevents it from leaking new water into the property.

The next step is the installation of a new shingle. Depending on the size of the damaged space, the contractor may need to replace several missing or damaged shingles. Contractors typically look for shingles made from the same material and in the same color as the existing shingles on the home. After removing the old shingles, the contractors arrange new shingles on the roof and use a combination of roofing nails and screws to secure each shingle to the roof.

Though this is the most common type of repair for a leaky roof, it is far from the only type of repair needed. More serious leaks may require the installation of new decking or the installation of other materials to strengthen the roof itself. Contractors may also need to remove molded or damaged drywall and flooring inside the home. Most leaks cause significant damage to the ceiling inside of the homes that can lead to the ceiling falling down. Local roofing contractors can work with homeowners to identify the reasons why their roofs leak and help them find the best and most affordable repairs for their homes and their budgets.

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