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Roll roofing is one of the most popular types of roofing material. It is quite cheap and easy to install, and many homeowners attempt to install it themselves. However, experts do not recommend this, as a licensed Gaithersburg roofing company has the tools and expertise to get the job done to the right specifications. It is also important to note that the cost for the installation of roll roofing is less than that of most comparable materials, and so many homeowners will find professional installation to be worth the cost.

While the process of installing roll roofing is fairly easy for an experienced roofer, it is still a lengthy and complicated task. Many things can go wrong. If the roofing is not installed properly, it may let water in. This will result in structural beams of the house experiencing rot and decay. This occurrence is very rare if a professional roofer installs the material, but much more common if the roof is installed by an amateur.

The first thing a roofer intending to install roll roofing will do is clean the roof thoroughly. Any dirt or debris that is left on the roof may prevent the new material from adhering to the surface properly. Generally, a professional roofer will have an assistant that will sweep the roof for him or her.

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While roll roofing, like many types of roofing, can be installed over existing roofing material, it is best for it be laid down on a bare roof. This ensures the best adherence to the underlying wood and places less stress on the structure due to the lighter weight. Once the roof is bare, the workers must next install roofing felt. This material comes in rolls, much like the roofing itself. However, it is much lighter and can be installed with a staple gun instead of a nail gun. The felt is unrolled and placed over the entirety of the roof, at which time it is stapled to the wood. The staples are generally placed six to eight inches apart, the same spacing as the nails in the roll roofing material.

Once the felt has been installed, it is time to install the roofing itself. Roll roofing is installed in much the same way as roofing felt. It is carefully unrolled over the roof in sections and then nailed down. The nails are generally spaced six to nine inches apart, much like the spacing of the staples in the felt.

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