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Installing a roof on an industrial complex is different from covering a house or office building. The manufacturing process generally requires chemicals and other hazardous materials that can weaken or damage the structure. In this type of workplace atmosphere, the roof must be able to withstand the environmental conditions while serving as a strong barrier to the outside elements. It should be under warranty for a significant time period so that the business owner's investment is worthwhile. When the system needs maintenance, it should be easy to access in order to prevent an interruption in production. Gaithersburg roofing specialists understand the needs of various industries and can offer expert advice concerning the most appropriate roofing system.

Since most commercial roofs are low sloped, lightweight materials are preferred. Multiple penetrations may be necessary to make room for heating or cooling equipment along with pipes and other apparatuses. Therefore, some form of flashing must be placed around the cuts to prevent leaks. Roof type options include metal, BUR, modified bitumen, PVC, EPDM and silicone coating spray. With metal being the most commonly utilized roofing material for industrial facilities, spray polyurethane foam is in high demand for insulation purposes. It also helps stop the metal from expanding, contracting or perspiring so that it will remain rust free for many years. Perhaps the most appealing aspect of a metal roof is its ability to resist fire. Although the panels can easily be laid over the top of an existing roof, they are often installed directly over the decking and underlayment.

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A metal roof holds up well during stormy weather and, with a standing seam structure, adequately drains the snow off the surface.

A BUR roof is acceptable for buildings that can handle the weight. Its numerous layers serve as a natural insulator and are normally topped with an attractive blanket of gravel. While the initial cost of a BUR is relatively low, the installation expense is high because the plant has to be closed for production during the process. If the roofers experience any delay, the period of profit loss is extended for the business.

A single ply modified bitumen system is energy efficient but rips more easily than other options. PVC and EPDM, both of which are also single ply roofs, have seams that can become vulnerable to leaks after a short time. However, the plastic and rubber in them are very durable and water resistant. For a completely seamless roof cover, a silicone spray coating is ideal. The high upfront cost is worthwhile to many industrial entrepreneurs because the system is versatile. Its installation does not interrupt the workers below, and the substance can be applied over any existing materials.

Regardless of the plant owner's choice in materials and design, a top rate roof covering can serve the company well. The right combination of strength and durability creates an effective, long lasting investment.

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