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Green roofs have become increasingly popular over the past several years because they reduce energy consumption, help to combat the greenhouse gas effect and they reduce the likelihood that the used roofing materials might end up polluting landfills in the future. There are a variety of green roofing options that Gaithersburg roofing contractors can install, whether the homeowner is building a brand new structure or is interested in making their existing roof more environmentally friendly in nature. Here is an overview of some of the most frequently installed green roofs in the United States.

Wooden shingles and shakes are considered green roofing materials because they are 100 percent recyclable after use. While this type of roofing product was extremely popular in the past, they have decreased in popularity because they tend to require more maintenance than other types of roofs. They also easily break down during changes in weather patterns. Since wood expands and contracts, homeowners who have wooden roof systems often develop roof leaks or damaged shingles as the season changes. However, the unique aesthetic value wooden shingles create is still an attractive option to consider, and many homeowners in New England still prefer to install wooden shingles or shakes.

Almost any roof can be converted into a cool roof, which helps to reflect heat away from the roof and release it back into the atmosphere. In fact, homeowners who have installed cool roofs save an average of 10 to 50 percent on their annual energy bills.

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However, adding extra insulation to the attic area can also drastically improve the energy efficiency of the home.

Any material that can be recycled after use can also be referred to as a green product. Many of these materials are constructed from natural elements, such as clay and slate roofing tiles. One of the benefits of installing natural tiles is the unique, attractive look they achieve, but, as with any other type of roofing product, there are specific drawbacks as well. Although both clay and slate roofing tiles are incredibly durable in nature, they can also easily crack, and they typically cost much more than traditional roofing materials do.

While many different roofing materials might qualify as green products, a true green roof is actually covered with live plants. The roof features a waterproof membrane and a series of irrigation lines that keep the plants watered, and the soil layer of the roof catches runoff rainwater and stores it for the plants to drink as needed. While there are plenty of benefits associated with vegetative green roofs, the installation process also tends to be incredibly complex, and roofing contractors usually work with a structural engineer in order to evaluate the roof's capacity to support the weight of the plants and soil before installing it.

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