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There is no limit to the amount of environmentally friendly objects that can be used in roof construction. For years, roofing experts have been coming up with unique green roofing options for homeowners to take advantage of. While these options are very different from the metal, wood and asphalt roofs homeowners are used to, such materials do their part in making the world a better place. Gaithersburg roofing experts are professionals who are up to taking on these new challenges.

One of the most creative and eco-friendly roofing options is garbage. Roofers have been coming up with ways to make roofing material out of parts found in local landfills. These parts are cleaned and recycled so that they can be put to use. This not only prevents manufacturers from having to use natural resources when producing roofing material; it also helps remove waste from growing landfills. At its core, recycled roofing material is a waste-management solution. However, it's also a pre-fabricated, lightweight roofing material that is quick and easy to install. While this roofing material might not stand up to the test of time as well as some other roofing materials, most people are unable to tell the difference between recycled and traditional shingles.

Engineers are always looking to turn an abundant material into something useful.

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In Denmark, experts found that seaweed could easily be turned into a roofing material. While this is a popular option for people who live by lakes and oceans, seaweed has the ability to be shipped anywhere in the world. It might seem odd to use seaweed as a roofing material, but roofing professionals say that it's not much different than making a living roof, which is covered in a thin layer of top soil and hearty plants. Seaweed roofs are made by washing the seaweed, packing it together into bales and waiting for it to dry out. Once dried, the seaweed can be loaded onto a roof. One of the biggest benefits of using seaweed is that it keeps homes cooler.

Another green roofing option is peel-and-stick photovoltaics. These easy-to-install PV modules work much like solar panels but without the high price tag. The PV modules pick up energy from the sun's solar rays and convert it into power for the home. They are wired right into the energy source of the home. If a roof is completely covered in a peel-and-stick PV system, enough energy can be created to reduce the homeowner's energy bill to nearly nothing.

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