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Silver Spring Roofing: Article About Where To Place Insulation

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To make a home as energy efficient as possible, homeowners need to have insulation installed in numerous areas around the home. Insulation helps to prevent the temperature outside of a home from affecting the temperature inside. In colder months, insulation helps to keep the heat in. Alternatively, insulation helps keep the heat out during warmer months. It is incredibly versatile and can save homeowners a lot of money throughout the year. With proper placement, homeowners will find that their space is more comfortable year round and that they use air conditioning and heating much less. To effectively install insulation, homeowners should contact a Silver Spring roofing company. They'll be able to provide proper installation from the attic to the basement.

One of the most effective areas to insulate is the attic. Attics are usually the warmest parts of the home during the summer, requiring excessive cooling to make comfortable. This added heat could affect nearby rooms if no insulation is present. By getting insulation, homeowners can also control the heat entering their home from the sun. Homeowners can opt to get loose fill insulation in the attic as it is easier to install.

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It is also more effective in keeping the temperature consistent than other forms of insulation.

Insulating exterior walls will also provide a significant amount of protection. In most cases, insulation can be blown into an exterior wall without causing any damage to the finish of the home. It will provide an air seal to keep the temperature in the home comfortable. The most effective type of insulation for exterior walls is spray foam. This insulation is sprayed into the walls and expands, covering every crevice and hole in the wall. This should be done by a professional as over spraying can cause an increase in pressure and damage to the wall.

Floors should also be insulated to provide adequate protection. Homeowners can choose to insulate floors within the home to increase energy efficiency. Simple fiberglass rolls can be placed between joints to reduce air leakage and temperature changes. For a complete seal, homeowners should use an air barrier on floors above an unheated garage. This will prevent the cool air from the garage from affecting the temperature in the room.

Overall, insulation can dramatically change the way a home feels. Homeowners will notice a significant difference with proper insulation. With help from a professional, homeowners can improve the energy efficiency of their home while making it more comfortable to live in.

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