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When water cascades from the roof into a home, there's no doubt that it's time for a roof repair or a full replacement. Unfortunately, other warning signs of a damaged roof can be less obvious, and the key is to recognize these signs before torrents of water breach the roof. Biannual roof inspections from an experienced Silver Spring roofing contractor are the best way to prevent roof issues or discover them early. Homeowners can help between these fall and spring roof inspections by keeping an eye out for a few critical roof symptoms.

Leaks are usually easy to spot, and even small leaks may be a signal of larger problems. To dribble into the home, the water would have to travel through many roof layers and a host of rafters, ceilings and walls, so even tiny drips may be part of a major roof failure.

Blistered, peeling or discolored paint on interior or exterior walls could indicate a leak or inadequate roof ventilation. Sagging or discolored ceilings are similar warning signs of leaks or poor ventilation.

Roof systems are designed to be one continuous, watertight surface.

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Anytime the homeowner notices a break in the roof's continuity, such as loose or curled shingles, flapping flashing or a buckled surface, it's time for some repair work.

Waving or sagging rooflines are also a concern. Wavy roofs can be caused by a damaged roof deck, bubbled felt paper underlayment or improperly aligned shingles. Some of these causes are more urgent than others, so it's always a good idea to get it checked out as soon as possible.

Most homeowners with shingle roofs may also notice a buildup of granules in their gutters or downspouts. It's natural for shingles to shed some of their protective granules, but an excessive amount may warn of an aging roof.

Light coming in through the rafters of the attic should prompt immediate action. That penetrating sunlight usually means that part of the roof is missing.

Moss and algae are eyesores, and if either is left to flourish on the roof, can cause severe damage. Homeowners should call in a professional to remove the growth before it has a chance to destroy the shingles.

Finally, a dramatic upswing in utility costs may be a harbinger of roof problems. If the roof is failing, it could allow cooled or warmed interior air to escape. Inadequate roof ventilation can also spur the home's air conditioning or heating system to operate continuously, causing utility bills to escalate. Call in a professional immediately to identify and eliminate the problem.

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