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Silver Spring Roofing: Article About Understanding Shingle Applications

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Homeowners rely on roofing materials to keep the home protected from the elements. From driving rain to hailstorms, regional weather events put a lot of stress on shingles every year. With overlapping installation, shingles provide direction for flowing water into nearby gutters and drains. These materials can't be used in all roof applications, however, making a Silver Spring roofing professional's guidance critical during roof repairs or major renovations.

Homeowners with low-slope or flat roof designs cannot use shingles. Even when tightly overlapped, shingles would still allow water to seep into their crevices on low-slope installations. Membranes with a strong cap sheet are required for flat roof installations. Contractors can match the membrane's color to surrounding shingles on other roof surfaces to make the structure appear cohesive. When shingles are used appropriately, water leaks are avoided unless the roof surface is damaged.

An area where homeowners find stacked shingles is along ridges. These peaks are where two roof slopes meet, creating a connection point that can be vulnerable to water damage. Contractors cut and fit shingle sections along ridges in several layers. This layering creates an attractive appearance while forcing rainwater to flow downward on the adjacent slopes to the gutters.

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Other roofing materials cannot handle the weathering that stacked shingles can endure for many years.

Roof valleys are a structure's low-lying areas where water usually flows fiercely into the gutters. Because of volatile weathering action, roof valleys often use flashing or metal pieces to protect the sheathing. Shingles usually overlap on the flashing to keep water moving downward, so it may appear that these materials are the prime roof protectors. However, shingles shouldn't be the only material in the valleys. Water pooling within valleys for even a short time could back up into shingle crevices. Flashing provides the solid protection against water leaks.

Homeowners may contemplate an overlay project where an old roof is simply covered with new shingles without removing the old materials. Although it's possible to have a quality overlay installation, removing the old shingles is much healthier for the roof. Contractors can inspect the entire roof system and determine the best shingle installation strategy at that point.

When shingles are properly installed, they offer some of the best protection over several decades of use. If homeowners see anything unusual occurring across the roof, from missing to lifting shingles, contacting a roofing professional is crucial. They can survey and repair the area before any damage can take root. Neglected roofs only deteriorate faster than well-maintained structures.

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