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Searching for the right contractor to install a new roof or make repairs to an existing one can be stressful, especially without understanding how the entire process will work. A good contractor will present the homeowner will proper documentation, such as warranty information, prior to beginning a job. Many homeowners may not understand what a warranty actually covers, but without researching this information beforehand, unforeseen dilemmas could occur during the installation or even afterwards. Homeowners are encouraged to understand each detail of the roof repair or installation process, but a Silver Spring roofing expert can answer any related questions.

The manufacturer's warranty and the contractor's warranty protect two different areas, but it might be more surprising to discover what isn't included in the warranty. In addition to carrying insurance, the roofing contractor will warranty their workmanship, including installation and any related issues that might arise. The details that void the warranty should be easy to identify in the scope of coverage area. Contractors usually specify which requirements are placed on the homeowner in the terms as well as how the homeowner is expected to maintain the condition of the roof during its lifespan.

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While there is not an industry standard, contractors typically offer one to two years of coverage.

The manufacturer warranty usually covers any defects in the roofing materials; however, if it is a 'material only' type of warranty, the manufacturer might only offer to replace the defective material. Depending on the type of materials, this warranty could last up to 20 years.

While a company might offer long term warranties or insurance policies that specify that they are all inclusive, homeowners might be surprised to learn that standard warranties may not cover a wide variety of issues. For example, if the roof develops leaks, the company might only offer to repair leaks that stem from exclusive issues that are outlined in the terms. Skylights, gutters, certain types of roof penetrations and other materials not installed by the contractor are often excluded in the terms of the warranty.

It can be incredibly frustrating to have issues with a new roof, especially if homeowners assumed any future problems would be covered by their warranties. The problem can become compounded if the homeowner is unable to pay for repairs as a result, which may only lead to even more damage to the roof. Reading the fine print is always recommended, and working with a trustworthy contractor can help to make the process run much more efficiently.

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