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There are thousands of homes located in and around Silver Spring Maryland, but despite the city being home to so many buildings, most homes feature one of just a few roof types. Knowing the type of roof a home has is important because it lets homeowners describe their problem to contractors. Professionals can use that information when determining the type of damage the roof has. Silver Spring roofing companies work with a wide range of roofing styles and have experience with all the designs and types.

One of the more common types of roofs found in the state is a gable roof. A gable roof essentially looks like an upside down "V" when viewed from the top of the house. It consists of two large sections that lean against each other to form a ridge in the center. Ranch homes and other types of houses may have a cross gable roof. A cross gable roof refers to a roof that has two or more gables. The gables may form the shape of a "T" or an "L" when viewed from above. Some homes with a gable roof have one or more dormers that also feature a gable roof.

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Another popular type of roof is a hip roof. Also known as a hipped roof, it features four or more panels on the top of the roof. Each of those panels has a slight slope and lean against a ridge that runs down the center of the roof. Homes with a hipped roof and a dormer often have a hip or gable roof on the dormer. If all four panels of the roof meet at a point in the center, experts refer to this as a pyramidal roof. A half hip roof is a similar style that combines elements of both a gable and hip roof.

Jacksonville homes may also feature mansard roofs, though these are usually more common on commercial buildings. The roof essentially looks like a hipped roof cut in half. Four roofing panels attached to the home sit at an angle and surround a flat portion on top. Some homes with mansard roofs may have a walkway or patio placed on the top of the roof.

Mediterranean and Spanish revival homes often feature gable and hipped roofs with multiple slopes and angles. As these homes are common throughout Florida, contractors have a unique understanding of the problems associated with these roofs, including peeling flashing and broken shingles.

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