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The solar shingles that came onto the market in 2005 looked much better than the traditional bolt on solar panels, but they were much more expensive. Today, they are priced more competitively and still look a lot better than the chunky panels of the late 20th century.

Not only are the new solar shingles cheaper, they can actually help the homeowner make money in the long term. According to Dow, manufacturers of the new solar shingle, as few as 350 solar shingles on a roof can cut energy bills by 50 percent or even more. The price of an installation might require a high budget, but with incentives offered by local, state and federal government, that figure could go down by half.

Solar shingles turn sunlight into electricity. The Dow Powerhouse shingle achieves this via thin film solar cells made from a material known as copper indium gallium selenide. Generating 12 watts per square foot, they are tied to the grid, which means they are designed to work on structures that are already connected to the grid. They can also transmit power to the grid.

Available only in a few states, Silver Spring roofing customers may now ask their roofing contractors about having them installed. With solar shingles, an electrician needs to be around to set up the inverter box, but the tiles themselves may be installed by a conventional roofer.

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As well as providing energy, they protect the house as well as any other type of shingle.

CertainTeed is the other major manufacturer of solar shingles. They report that solar shingles can shave as much as 70 percent off household energy bills. They do recommend having them installed by one of their own factory certified roofing contractors.

For homes with steeply sloping roofs, Luma Resources makes a tempered glass shingle that is designed especially for steep roofs. The glass is stuck to a metal shingle and protected by plastic edge protectors.

One disadvantage that isn't highly publicized is if the system is tied to the grid and the grid fails, the whole system fails. Grid failure may be caused by strong wind, rain, flooding or earthquakes. For that reason, it can be a good idea to invest in a backup generator.

Installing a solar paneled roof can add to the resale value of a home. If homeowners add the state tax exemptions to that added value as well as years of reduced energy costs, the prospect of going solar is more attractive financially as well as aesthetically.

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