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Investing in a metal roof is a smart investment for any homeowner. Metal roofs have longer life spans and are more durable than most other roofing materials because they stand up well to fire, wind and rain. What many homeowners don't know is that there are numerous options available when considering a metal roof. One of these is a standing seam metal roof. These long-lasting roofs can be easily installed by Silver Spring roofing professionals who have a basic understanding of installing other roofing systems.

Although standing seam roofs might be a new concept for homeowners, this style of metal roofing has been used for years on barns and commercial buildings. Unlike other metal roofs, standing seam roofs don't require bolts to connect the metal panels together. Instead, these panels attach via interlocking lips that help form a watertight seal to protect the home from moisture.

Just like other metal roofs, standing seam roofs tend to last longer than either asphalt or wood shingle roofs. One reason for this is that they aren't easily damaged by the weather. Unlike wood roofs, metal roofs are completely fireproof. Because of this, people with metal roofs may enjoy lower homeowner insurance rates. Standing seam roofs are also made from recycled materials, which make them a green option for residents who want to lower their carbon footprint.

While all roofs require some basic maintenance over the years, standing seam roofs tend to require less maintenance than even traditional metal roofs because the panels aren't bolted together.

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Part of the general maintenance that has to be done on traditional metal roofs is the tightening and checking of bolts to ensure that none have come loose. Because standing seam roofs are interlocking, there are no visible bolts to tighten to ensure that the panels stay together. Metal roofs don't provide much grip and are easily dented, so it's always recommended that families hire roofing contractors to do maintenance on all types of metal roofs.

Standing seam roofs are extremely lightweight. This is beneficial because most existing homes don't require structural support to have this type of roof added. Due to the interlocking properties of this style of metal roof, it also produces far less noise than traditional metal roofs. Roofing experts can even reduce outside noise further by installing insulation between the metal roof and the house.

Any type of metal roof, including standing seam roofs, has the ability to reflect solar heat. This not only allows the roof to resist solar damage, but it also helps keep the inside of the home cooler. In turn, this lowers the homeowner's power bill. Over time, these types of metal roofs can pay for themselves.

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