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When homeowners have problems with their roofs, it's important that they get those issues fixed right away. To do this, the homeowners have to be able to describe the problems that they are experiencing accurately to the Silver Spring roofing experts they hire. Part of describing the problems involves telling the roofers where they are located, so using the correct terminology is the most accurate way to do this.

The National Roofing Contractors Association breaks down the areas of the roof into five main segments. Using these segments, homeowners can easily tell contractors where they are having problems with their roofs. Professional roofers can use this information to get a general idea of what may be causing the problems, which helps speed up the restoration process.

The first area of the roof is the structure. This is the overall framework of the roof, which includes the beams, rafters and trusses that support the roof and give it its shape. When contractors develop the roof structure, they have to consider the slope and layout. This is important because it effects the way water rolls off after a storm.

The protective layer that sits on top of a roof, including the shingles, is the roof covering. The goal of the covering is to protect the rest of the roof from the damaging elements of Mother Nature such as rain, hail, snow, wind and the sun's UV rays.

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Choosing the proper roof covering is difficult since there are so many types. Some roof coverings, such as metal, are great at reflecting the sun's UV rays, which helps keep homes cooler. Others, such as asphalt shingles, are more affordable for homeowners. Homeowners should ask their roofers to recommend coverings that best fit their needs.

Under the roof covering is the underlayment. This protective layer sits underneath shingles to provide further protection for the house. This layer of the roof is typically made out of either synthetic materials or felt paper. The best underlayment to use is based on the environmental factors of the area where the house is located. Contractors should be able to educate homeowners on the best underlayment to use to fit their needs.

The layer of the roof underneath the roof covering and underlayment is the roofing deck. This layer consists of wood panels that are anchored to the roof structure. All roofing materials are connected to the roof via the roofing deck. Unfortunately, the roofing deck is not waterproof, so it's important for homeowners to prevent leaking by ensuring that the top layer of their roofs is not damaged.

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