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Regardless of how well a roof is constructed, over time it will suffer damage and leak. Silver Spring Roofing contractors know that different problems affect different styles of roofs.

The lower pitch of flat roofs causes them to hold water for longer periods of time. Most flat roofs are covered with some form of asphalt, bitumen or felt material or a metal covering. These materials experience degradation from exposure to direct sunlight for extended periods. This problem is more pronounced in roofs without proper reflective protection. Additionally, poorly constructed abutments can be a weak area on a flat roof that will compromise the roof's structural integrity.

Pitched roofs suffer problems resulting from poor structural support. Many roofs are originally designed to support a lighter roofing material. However, homeowners have chosen to upgrade their roofing material to a heavier one without checking to see if their roof can support the additional weight. Other homeowners have chosen to recover their roof without removing existing roofing material. The weight of these heavier materials, plus the weight of occasional snowfalls, are too much for these undersized roofing supports and can lead to a collapse.

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Sagging in a roof's ridgeline is an indication that the purlins and the rafters are having a hard time dealing with the load that is on them. When homeowners see this, they should immediately contact a roofing professional and work with them to decide how to reinforce the roof's members.

Some homeowners do not properly ventilate their attic area because they are concerned about insulating it to prevent heat loss. Proper roof ventilation is a must. If a roof is not properly ventilated, condensation will build up inside the attic, leading to mold growth.

Parts of the roof that have been penetrated by chimneys or other structures must have joints that are properly sealed. Flashings and soakers must be kept in pristine condition. If these deteriorate, they will allow water to penetrate the roof and cause internal problems.

When roofing materials such as asphalt, slate or metal tiles are damaged or moved, they allow water to come in contact with the underlayment of the roof. If the underlayment is damaged, water will then penetrate through the decking.

These are just a few of the challenges roofs face. Other challenges may include wildlife or insect infestation, ice dams, and debris buildup. Regardless of the problem, it is in the building owner's best interest to strive to fix these problems immediately, thereby reducing the risk of a roof emergency.

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