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There could be a dozen or more workers on any residential roofing project, depending on the structure's size and time constraints. Each worker has basic roofing skills, but usually individuals apply their varying talents to the project. As our Silver Spring roofing professionals begin a project, our contractors are ready to apply their core knowledge with their helpers who are learning the industry ropes and advance into higher career positions. Homeowners should understand roofer helper duties, so they appreciate the care that's taken to create a beautiful rooftop.

Often roofer helpers perform the hard task of removing old materials. Each nail must be pulled from the structure to prevent leaking after installing the new roof. No nails can be forgotten, so helpers are extra cautious about this duty. They'll carefully remove all shingles and underlayment, taking care to avoid any excessive debris from striking yard areas. All waste must be stacked and hauled out by helpers.

A roof cannot operate properly without clean gutters. Roofer helpers perform this task for both repair and replacement projects. They'll clear out any debris lodged in horizontal sections and downspouts. Helpers even test the gutters with running water to ensure a smooth passageway for all rainwater. If water remains blocked at the roof's eave, shingles can easily be damaged just underneath their edges.

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Roofing tar and other components must be prepared at the job site. Helpers prepare these adhesives and treatments, and then allow more experienced roofers to apply it to the rooftop when necessary. Other detailed chores are also required around the property, including ladder placement. Helpers locate a safe area to lean ladders against the home while securing them at their top edge with ties.

Tool maintenance is critical to any quality roofing job. Nail guns, in particular, must be cleaned, filled and tested for proper operation. A jammed tool only reduces project efficiency and may damage the structure with inaccurate nail releases. Helpers even maintain basic hand tools, such as brooms and trowels. When experienced roofers can grab a tool and complete a task quickly, the entire project continues on a streamlined time schedule.

While roofer helpers may appear to work harder than other employees do, helpers enjoy the skills they learn with all the duties involved. Because helpers must perform nearly all job tasks at some point during their service, such as covering exposed nailheads with special adhesive, they'll develop a well rounded view of their strengths and weaknesses. As they're promoted, they apply those skills and learn even more.

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